Conference Program


Unified Data Processing with Apache Flink and Apache Pulsar

9:10 AM - 9:40 AM PDT, June 18, 2020 | Track 1

Come learn how the combination of Apache Pulsar and Apache Flink is making stateful stream processing even more expressive and flexible to support applications in streaming that were previously not considered streamable. The new world of applications and fast data architectures has broken up the database: Raw data persistence comes in the form of event logs, and the state of the world is computed by a stream processor. Apache Pulsar provides a strong solution for the event log, while Apache Flink forms a powerful foundation for the computation over the event streams.

We will discuss the key concepts behind Apache Flink's approach to stream processing and how it is a powerful abstraction for stateful event-driven applications. We will then see how to use Flink in conjunction with Apache Pulsar to creates a unified data processing platform.


Seth Wiesman

Seth Wiesman is a Solutions Architect at Ververica, where he works with engineering teams inside of various organizations to build the best possible stream processing architecture for their use cases.