Conference Program


Streaming, Fast and Slow

11:50 AM - 12:20 PM PDT, June 17, 2020 | Track 3

What if you were given 2 weeks to prepare for running your first marathon, and had to be able to keep up with the fastest runner? This is the story of a small team that jumped head first into building a top tier stream processing service on a tight timeline, and how they prepared for being able to keep up with the fastest components.

This talk will be of interest to those who want to build larger, more complex stream processing applications (and quickly), but will also benefit anyone who is looking to adopt a new streaming technology (or use it in a way that is new to their company), at any scale. Other takeaways include pragmatic steps to leverage unique features of various stream processing frameworks to more effectively solve common, real world data streaming problems.

Technology Deep Dive

Caito Scherr

Caito is a software engineer in Portland, Oregon who most recently worked on New Relic's main stream processing team. She has presented about this work at various meetups and conferences (in the US and Europe). Outside of tech, she loves running, woodworking, and terrible puns.