Conference Program


Scaling Customer Engagement with Apache Pulsar

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM PDT, June 17, 2020 | Track 1

Iterable's platform is used by marketers to reach hundreds of millions of users every day, and those numbers are quickly growing. Iterable's infrastructure is built with pub-sub messaging at it's core, so the reliability, scalability and flexibility provided by that system are business critical.
In this talk we'll discuss why Iterable chose Pulsar as a pub-sub messaging system, as well as how Iterable is taking advantage of some of more recently added features in Pulsar. We'll also talk about some of the challenges we encountered, where we think Pulsar can improve, and some contributions we've made to the open source community around Pulsar.

Use Case

Greg Methvin

Greg Methvin is a software engineer at Iterable, working on data infrastructure and internal frameworks, and leading Iterable's migration to Apache Pulsar. Greg is an active open source contributor and a maintainer for the pulsar4s library, the most popular Scala client for Pulsar. He was previously the lead developer for the Play Framework, and is a contributor to Scala, Akka, and other libraries. Prior to his work at Iterable, Greg worked as a software engineer at several other startups and founded a banking technology startup.