Conference Program


Pulsar unikernel FaaS, the new Pulsar functions runners?

9:50 AM - 10:30 AM PDT, June 18, 2020 | Track 2

At Clever Cloud, we are working on extremely light virtual machines to run WebAssembly binaries. As it’s WASM, we can write code using a lot of languages. We use a custom unikernel to run this WASM as Function-as-a-Service, using one VM per function execution. These VM can run on events from messages coming through Pulsar, or from HTTP invocation, the run is on-demand as only the consumers stay up. This can be a new model: Pulsar functions for real isolation in multi-tenancy use cases. This talk will show the use case, explain the virtualization underneath and demonstrate the multi-tenancy use case.

Technology Deep Dive

Alexandre DUVAL

Alexandre DUVAL is an IT Engineer at Clever Cloud. He is working on platform addons and logs systems using highly scalable systems as Apache Pulsar and Warp10.

Geoffroy Couprie

Geoffroy handles security and quality assurance at Clever Cloud, develops in Rust and researches on parser security at VideoLAN. He thinks a lot about cryptography, protocol design and data management.