Conference Program


Getting Pulsar Spinning: How we decided on and deployed Apache Pulsar in under a year

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM PDT, June 17, 2020 | Track 1

Pulsar is a *great* technology, but it is also a new, less well-known technology competing against incumbent technologies, which is always a bit of a tough sell.
In this talk, we will go over the whole end-to-end process of how we researched, advocated, built, integrated, and established Apache Pulsar at Instructure in less than a year. We will share details of how Pulsar's capabilities differentiate it, how we deploy Pulsar, and how we focused on an ecosystem of tools to accelerate adoption. We will also discuss one major motivating use case of change-data-capture for hundreds of databases servers at scale.

Use Case

Addison Higham

Addison is a Software Architect of Platform and Infrastructure at Instructure. Addison has been working in the devops, cloud, and data space for almost 10 years.