Conference Program


Building a Messaging Solutions for OVHcloud with Apache Pulsar

9:50 AM - 10:30 AM PDT, June 18, 2020 | Track 1

OVHcloud is the biggest European cloud provider. From dedicated servers to Managed Kubernetes, from VMware® based Hosted Private Cloud to OpenStack-based Public Cloud, we have over 1.4 million customers worldwide.
Internally, we have been running Apache Kafka for years, and despite all the skills obtained operating multiples clusters with millions of messages per second, we decided to shift and build the foundation of our 'topic-as-a-service' product called ioStream on Apache Pulsar.
In this talk, you will have the insights of why we decided to use Apache Pulsar instead of Apache Kafka as the core of ioStream. We will tell you our journey to use Apache Pulsar, from our deployments to the management, what did work and what did not.

Use Case

Pierre Zemb

Pierre Zemb is a Technical Leader working around distributed and storage systems at OVHcloud, the biggest European cloud provider. He is currently working on ioStream, a topic-as-a-service product built on top of Apache Pulsar. He started to become an Apache contributor through contributions to Flink, HBase and now Pulsar. He's also giving a hand to differents local events, such as the local Devoxx4Kids, JUG/GDG and DevFest.