Pulsar Summit is the conference dedicated to Apache Pulsar, and the messaging and event streaming community. The conference gathers an international audience of CTOs/CIOs, developers, data architects, data scientists, Apache Pulsar committers/contributors, and the messaging and streaming community. Together, they share experiences, exchange ideas and knowledge, and receive hands-on training sessions led by Pulsar experts.

Pulsar Summit Asia 2021 Highlights

Learn how Pulsar used
in the real world

Connect with the messaging
and streaming community

Hear the latest Pulsar news
and updates

Community Partners

Program Committee

Jerry Peng

Principal Software Engineer, Splunk

Boyang Jerry Peng is currently a Principal Software Engineer at Splunk working on streaming/messaging projects. Jerry is a committer and PMC member of Apache Pulsar, Apache Storm, and Apache Heron projects. Before Splunk, he worked at Streamlio (acquired by Splunk), Citadel, and Yahoo on distributed systems and stream processing. Jerry has been working in the area of distributed systems and stream processing since his days in grad school at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Penghui Li

Staff Engineer, StreamNative

Penghui Li worked at Zhaopin.com before, where he served as the leading promoter to adopt Apache Pulsar. His career has always involved messaging service from the messaging system, through the microservice, and into the current world with Pulsar.

Nozomi Kurihara

Manager of Messaging Platform team, Yahoo!JAPAN

Nozomi Kurihara is the Manager of the Messaging Platform team in Yahoo!JAPAN Corporation, responsible for creating a centralized pub-sub messaging platform. It is based on Apache Pulsar and deals with a vast number of service/application traffics. He is also a committer of the Apache Pulsar project.

Jia Zhai

Co-Founder, StreamNative

Jia is the core engineer of StreamNative, as well as PMC member of Apache BookKeeper and Apache Pulsar. He contributes to Apache BookKeeper, Apache Pulsar and Apache DistributedLog continually. Before his work at StreamNative, Jia worked as the core engineer at Streamlio, the Principal Engineer and technical leader at EMC Beijing. He mainly focused on distributed storage service, and big data infrastructure.

Matteo Merli

CTO, StreamNative

Matteo Merli is the PMC Chair of Apache Pulsar and CTO at StreamNative. He is co-creator of Pulsar while at Yahoo!, co-founder of Streamlio, Committer and PMC of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper. He works for The Apache Software Foundation for 4+ years, and has rich experience in distributed pub-sub messaging platform.

Lin Lin

Senior Engineer, Tencent

Lin Lin, senior engineer of Tencent Cloud. Active in the open source community, Apache Pulsar PMC member, focusing on the field of Middleware, with rich experience in message queues and microservices etc. \n After joining Tencent, I have been responsible for the back-end design and development of TDMQ, CKafka and CMQ, and I am committed to creating stable, efficient, and scalable underlying basic components or services.

Ankur Jain

Architect, Flipkart

Ankur works in the platform as a service team at Flipkart where he designs and develops highly available systems that can reliably scale.

Fangbin Sun

Messaging Team Leader, China Mobile Cloud Centre

Apache Pulsar Committer, Messaging Team Leader in China Mobile Cloud Centre.

Willem Jiang

Technical Expert, Huawei

He is a member of Apache Software Foundation, a mentor of Apache Software Foundation Incubator, a founder of ALC Beijing, a technical expert of Huawei Open Source Competence Center, and a former chief software engineer of Red Hat Software.

Sheng Wu

Founding Engineer, Tetrate.io

Apache SkyWalking Founder and VP, Apache Board Director, Tetrate.io Founding Engineer.